UrbanTech’s New Full-Time Home


Happy Monday UrbanTech Subscribers!

After several months of building UrbanTech’s new home, including our paid community of professionals discussing the future of cities and tech, we are fully moving the UT newsletter off of Substack to our new platforms.

This transition includes moving over to a new email service (Outseta) for our newsletters. For the foreseeable future as we build out our paid offering we plan to send out one free edition of the UrbanTech newsletter each week, so you’ll continue getting the content you already enjoy. 

We will occasionally make some of our community-only content available for free like the first piece of the UrbanTech Market Map series, or my recent conversation with mobility tech startup Lacuna Technologies.

Paying members of UrbanTech’s community will get access to all of our content, along with career resources, exclusive events, curated connections with other members, and more exciting features designed for leaders pushing forward urban technology. If you want to be part of the conversation, we’d love for you to join us: 

Join the UrbanTech Community Now

Later this week when we send out the free edition of the UrbanTech Newsletter, make sure to save the email address (john@urbantechnews.net) to ensure our free editions don’t get caught in your spam folder. 

You’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed because we have a bunch of exciting conversations with leaders at startups like Compology, investors including URBAN-X, and much more in the works...

Talk soon,