UrbanTech Free Edition 6/4/21

Conversation w/ Shaun Donovan, New Job Board Updates, and the blockchain enter UT!!

Happy Friday my fellow UrbanTechies!!

Welcome to a free edition of UT!! We’ve been heads down working on our paid content and community and so some of our free work has admittedly dropped off a bit…

That said, my summer resolution is to be back on a more consistent content grind. The best way to ensure you don’t miss out on any UT content, events, and jobs on our job board is to sign up for UT’s Premium Subscription!

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Content UT Published this Week

Now for a recap on some of the stories and updates that we posted to UrbanTech:

UT Job Board Updates

We finally updated our Job Board!

(Apologies to the submitters for my tardiness on that.) Paying members to UT get access to all of these exciting job opportunities, but we want to try and highlight a few that are relevant to a wider audience than our paying customers.

One of the ones I wanted to call your attention to is the awesome role at BerlinRosen working on Climate Tech! (Disclosure: My first job out of college was at BerlinRosen working on the New York Public Affairs and Real Estate teams.)

If you’re a comms, media pro (or former journalist) interested in climate tech, I can’t recommend the opportunity enough. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me a note and I’m happy to introduce you to the team there.

UT’s One Year Anniversary Next Week

Finally, next week is the one-year anniversary of UT’s first edition!! 🥲

After years of being fascinating with the intersection of cities and tech, on my way to grad school last summer, I finally got the courage to begin writing about this space trying to fill a gap that I felt was missing from a lot of content covering urban tech.

Now working on UT is my full-time gig!!!

I’m calling this out because we will likely be doing some special promotions and content next week to celebrate 52 weeks, >65,000 words, and ~20 UT podcasts.

As always, thanks for helping me do the most exciting work of my career,


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