UrbanTech Free Edition 6.19.21

One Great Juneteenth Read, New UT Podcast, Swiftmile Partners with Miami

Hey folks! Welcome back to a free edition of UrbanTech. I must admit, we are still fine-tuning our newsletter cadence a tad on free vs. paid content, so we appreciate you bearing with us as we get it locked down.

Today’s edition will be short and sweet and mainly point you in some directions to some other long-form content to check out this weekend.


  1. The Atlantic: What the Push to Celebrate Juneteenth Conceals

    • If you’re looking for one great long read for Juneteenth, this essay from Kellie Carter Jackson cuts through to the cultural meaning of efforts to make it a national federal holiday.

    • As someone who loves great questions, Jackson is asking poignant and timely ones at a moment of reflection on the meaning of Juneteenth that helped contextualize the days meaning for me as a writer:

    • “When you are Black in America, how do you celebrate progress? How do you honor the history and memory of emancipation, liberation, and advancement? How do Black people mark a moment when a positive change transformed the trajectory of their lives, their nation?”

  2. The UrbanTech Podcast: UrbanTech Market Map and Interview with NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan

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  3. Swiftmile Partners with Miami on Plans for World’s Largest Scooter Charging Network

    That’s it for today’s free edition of UrbanTech, I hope you have an awesome weekend!