Read the UrbanTech Market Map 🗺

Our first attempt to map our the nascent urban tech sector

Hello! Happy UrbanTech Thursday — welcome to this free edition of UrbanTech. Earlier this morning, we sent paying UT members the first entry in our UrbanTech Map projectWe are also giving access to this post for free subscribers because it gives you a good feel for where we’ll be going as we build out UrbanTech!

When I started UT last summer, I had a simple model for categorizing the stories, companies, and trends we covered. In the post, I explain that model and categorize a bunch of the startups we covered over the last year. (Fun fact: UT’s one-year anniversary is tomorrow!)

b massive thank you to all of the folks who have read, shared, supported our work over the last 12 months! After 12 months of a free model, we’re excited to continue going deeper into our work and I hope you’ll consider joining UT as paid members. 🙏

We’ll be doing some special events, and deeper dives this Summer for paid members on the companies and trends featured in this first version of the market map!

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I did a quick tweetstorm earlier today with some highlights from the post if you’re busy and can’t read the full piece:

Have an awesome weekend! We will likely be dropping a short pod tomorrow or this weekend about the first post so keep your eyes out on the UT podcast feed,